Kapp & Partner

Our personal competences

Those who overcome will win.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Thanks to our extensive experience with companies facing economic crisis, we are in a position to develop a customized solution for the future of your company with you. We truly believe that crisis should be seen a chance for a new start.


The source of great undertakings can be often found in rarely noticeable opportunities.

Your company is facing new challenges; You are planning to establish or take over a company or change your company's legal form; You are forced to assert your claims in court; A competitor or customer is threatening to take legal action against you; A competitor engages in unfair competition; Employees in your company are often guilty of misconduct; You need to renegotiate purchase, service, distribution, and supply agreements. The company's managing directors are to be given a new contract. You request support for questions to intellectual property (patents, trademarks, patterns) etc.

We will provide the legal framework for your company to achieve a solution that makes the most business sense.

Contract law

The one who knows his goal will find the path.

You intend to lease a real estate property or envisage the purchase of land or a condominium. You are negotiating a construction project including financing, and you need to ensure its legal protection. We shall advise and support you in your project.


No problem will be solved while we are inactive waiting for a signal of god.
(Martin Luther King)

We will advise and represent you in judicial and arbitral proceedings to ensure that your rights are protected. Of course, we can also represent you in administrative proceedings before domestic authorities.

Intellectual property rights

It's not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It's the product who pays the wages.
(Henry Ford)

Trademark law is an important issue for the value of a company. Competitors often use that value dishonestly to take advantages. We support and protect you in cases of your intellectual property.